Enter into the world of Freedom of Word

We would like to think that such world already exists, but in fact, people don't feel listened to, nor able to be truly themselves. 

We are hoping that we created a space for you to be the real you.

Our Goal

We design and produce tools that can improve people wellbeing.

Mental health conditions and poor social wellbeing are the most common challenges of the twenty-first century. 1 in 5 people suffers from depression or isolation, and more. 

We want, alongside other organisation and individuals, make the world a happier place to live.  

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to use modern technology and up to date cultural and behavioural trends as vital in dictating our products design. 

We aim to deliver tools that are easy to use, accessible and beneficial for customers wellbeing.

Live. Share. Be. 


Coming Soon

Our app latest version will offer you a page for secure 'saying anything'. A messenger with no recipient for your secretive thoughts and feelings.

User Profiles

You can choose whether or not you wish to use your real or fake identity for the User Profile. 

Community Chat

If you wish you can message your Say Anything community. Talking to others can make you realise that you are not alone.


Would you wish to revisit your feelings on another occasion, we give you an option to export your messages as diary notes.


With downloadable version for mile, tablets, laptops and desktops you can have access to your app whenever you need it.

Break time?

Download the app when you and your mind need rest and comfort.

Say Hello

Come and collaborate with us or give us your feedback.


Contact Us

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