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Have you ever wanted to tell someone how sad you feel or how lonely you are but you didn't want to worry anyone or be judged?

Have you ever felt that rage after a difficult day at work or at home?

Have you ever wished you could just swear without any consequences?

Have you ever had a secret to keep that you struggled to live with and needed to share it with someone so that it is no longer so overwhelming?

You can now say anything...

Our app is simply effective

We are so confident in our product and the value it will bring to your life that if you don't find it useful, we will refund your $1 purchase fee.

Connect again

So many people who we talk to confide that they often feel lonely despite having crowds around them. They say that they experience loss of identity in society. When they lose their identity, they disconnect with the inner self.

Our app can you to connect again.

Get more from your device

On average we use our mobile phones 200 times a day. 80% of which is for messaging.

Whether we like it or not, mobile devices are the remote controls of our lives. If you already use it for organising your family, social, work life. It is now time to get in charge of your emotional being.

Talking space

Sometimes, talking to a stranger can come more at ease than talking to a relative. We hope that our Say Anything community opens an opportunity to find likeminded people, share experiences and offer each other support.

Areas where Say Anything App comes particularly useful:

When you go through something you find traumatic it's understandable to experience some symptoms associated with PTSD afterward, such as feeling numb or having trouble sleeping. When your mind is not letting you rest, you can try to articulate how you feel. Write it down and send it away. You should feel a sense of relief as a result.

Addiction is often linked to mental health problems. If you have an addiction problem it may have started as a way to cope with feelings that you felt unable to deal with in any other way. You also might be a family member or a friend of the addicted person. This tool can help you all in tackling the difficult times and hopefully get a better understanding of your thoughts and feelings

Bereavement is a puzzle as people tread gingerly around us, waiting for this delicate and intangible time to finish. But this is not an option for us – our lives and family dynamics have changed irreversibly. there is the irony of feeling responsible for not making others uncomfortable or uneasy. This app gives an opportunity for grieving people to tell their story as often as they need and acquire the vocabulary to express their grief without having to worry how it effects others.




domestic violence

eating disorder



Research shows that loneliness and social isolation are harmful to our health: lacking social connections is a comparable risk factor for early death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and is worse for us than well-known risk factors such as obesity and physical inactivity.
• Loneliness puts individuals at greater risk of cognitive decline (James et al, 2011)
• One study concludes lonely people have a 64% increased chance of developing clinical dementia (Holwerda et al, 2012)
• Lonely individuals are more prone to depression (Cacioppo et al, 2006) (Green et al, 1992)
• Loneliness and low social interaction are predictive of suicide in older age (O’Connell et al, 2004)

Worrying about money can make your mental health worse and poor mental health can make managing money harder. We can’t stop you from worrying or improve your financial situation, but when you start sharing your worries without worrying others your situation can become more manageable.

Mental health 
We all have times when we have low mental wellbeing – when we feel sad or stressed, find it difficult to cope. Sometimes even there is no clear reason why we experience a period of poor mental health. Sometimes, we just need an opportunity to talk about our feelings without a fear of being judged and taken responsible for how we feel. We hope that with our app you can make at least some of those low days a little easier and happier. We want to make you feel that you are not alone.

medical conditions


Public service providers 
Emergency services personnel are more likely to experience a mental health problem than the general workforce, but you are less likely to take time off work as a result. Having a mobile app gives you an immediate access to a powerful tool to offload that tension.

Some days the day-to-day challenges of parenting feel harder. For example, anxiety may make you more easily worried, or depression may mean that you have low energy. Tiredness can make you less patient, or isolation can make you feel lonely. Parenting is the hardest job you will ever do yet you get a very little reward. It is just continuously exhausting physically and mentally. When you had that hard day, or a happy day. When your feelings become overwhelming, just let it go. Use the app to get a little break, breath and give you strength.

Relationship issues



school children

social services

Being under pressure is a normal part of life. It can help you take action, feel more energised and get results. But if you often become overwhelmed by stress, these feelings could start to be a problem for you. Writing about what triggers your stressful feeling can allow you to stay in control.

Student life 
Coping with new challenges and social expectations can have an impact on your mental health, but you can make your time as a student easier and more enjoyable. Share your challenges and insecurities. They might look not as scary as they felt.

work life



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